Automate access to your Google Drive
documents sold on Gumroad.

A cheaper alternative to AutoDrive - Automate access to your Google Drive files sold on Gumroad. | Product Hunt
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What is AutoDrive?

A smart Google Sheet.

It's your Sales assistant whose responsibility is to monitor Gumroad sales of your Google Drive documents and deliver the product to the buyer with view-only permissions. It can handle multiple products at the same time.

Who would need this?

Folks selling Google Drive documents.

Creators building products like Powerpoint templates, Personal Finance Spreadsheets, Workout Planners, Research Notes, etc. and want to automate updating the Share permissions when a sale is made.

How do you use this?

No coding involved. 2 min setup.

  1. You will receive a especially programmed Google Sheet.
  2. Enter the Gumroad Product URLs and Drive document URLs you're selling.
  3. Enter your unique AutoDrive URL in Gumroad settings and you're set.

Any complimentary features?

Addons are fun.

  1. An "Activity Dashboard" sheet that lists Gumroad data for all your sales.
  2. A step-by-step instruction manual to get you started with AutoDrive.
  3. Lifetime access to all future AutoDrive updates.

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